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The Strange History of Wind Chimes

Date Added: April 24, 2014 07:20:20 PM
Author: Karen Thomas
Category: Information & Media: Home and Garden
The history of Wind Chimes can go back almost 5000 years. The first evidence of wind chimes was found in the archeological sites in South East Asia. Some date the wind chimes to about 3000 B.C. These primitive chimes were made of bone, wood or bamboo, stone or shells. The earliest chimes were thought to ward of evil spirits. But some of the chimes have more practical use as found in digs in Bali, Indonesia which shows that farmers used the sound of wind chimes to scare birds and other animals for their fields. Around 1100 B.C. the Chinese started casting bells for religious ceremonies. This was a clapper-less bell called Yong-zhong, the Chinese developed the modern wind bell, called the Feng-ling. They hung from the eaves of shrines, temples, pagodas and in caves as wind bells were considered religious talismans thought to repel evil demons and attract benevolent spirits. This practice was adopted in the secular world and wind chimes became common adornments in the home to protect against spiteful supernatural influences. Because of the influence of the Feng-ling the wind chimes spread from China to Japan and from there to the western world around 1800's when Asian art and design started to show a distinct influence in Europe and America. Today many people consider wind chimes to be good luck. The wind chimes can have a healing effect on the mind and body. The resonance and vibration of the sound is thought to release stress and emotional blockages in the body and calm the mind, thereby expanding conscious awareness and connection with your spirit. The positive sounds of wind chimes are thought to promote relaxation and reduce anger and tension. Today wind chimes are widely used as decorations to produce interesting background sounds in our homes and gardens. There are many different types of wind chimes, bamboo, metal, cast iron. The sound differ with the size, striker and number of tubes. Some of the wind chimes have been professionally tuned to make them more pleasing and pure notes. The Wind chimes can be very decorative and can mean many different things to each person. Come have a look at the wind chimes and see the different kinds and see what is available. I have been enjoying wind chimes for the last 20 years and have many different ones in my garden. I enjoy sitting outside on my porch and hear the sound of the wind chimes. It seems to sooth my soul and help me relax. Remember each wind chime will have a different sound and it will depend on where you hang them what the sound will be on that particular day.
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