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Police Push Bumpers

Date Added: February 06, 2017 01:53:22 AM
Author: kevin Stow
Category: Shopping: Automobiles
When Push Comes to Shove

Disabled, a sitting duck, and just plain in the way. Yep, cars sometimes break down and obstruct roadways. As a cop, you know waiting for a wrecker can often take too much time, so the options are slim…unless you have a push bumper. How convenient and expedient these auto-body attachments are in law enforcement!

The probabilities of encountering a disabled vehicle anywhere in your jurisdiction is a constant. Guaranteed, you’ll come across one or more per shift. Police know all too well how perilous a disabled car can be, especially during peak commutes such as early morning and end-of-business day. The trek of city dwellers especially brings droves of drivers, and at any time an automobile can just up and quit.

One sure-fire way to clear the roadway and make it safe for you, the disabled motorist, and all other motorists is to effectively use your push bumper to tap the obstruction to a safe zone—shoulders and parking lots make great friends in times of need. Typically, a gentle nudge by your police cruiser guides the dead car from the crush of oncoming traffic. It also saves the motorist from having to deal with wait times and associated wrecker fees. Not a bad public safety service at all, so push bumpers are therefore public relations tools as well.

PIT Maneuvers are Your Friends

Not only are police push bars fantastic for clearing the streets of obstructions, they are also handy and great fixtures, sturdily anchored to conduct the PIT maneuver proverbially needed in ending police pursuits…sooner rather than later.

When the bad guy is running like the wind, and conditions are optimal to take out the suspect vehicle, the moment when an opportunity arises to cease his movements are capitalized by having a push bumper attached to the lead pursuing cruiser. Getting in proper position is one aspect, having a wrap-around push bumper is definitely another. With a wrap-around push bumper guard, the “tap” may deposit minor damage on the suspect’s car but will assuredly leave none on yours. The paramount purpose is to cease the fleeing motorist even if you sustain auto damage. But, worries are reduced when push bumpers are partnering with you to get the job done right and free of repairs.

Traffic Crash Nightmares

Caging the front-end of your police cruiser can save thousands in collision expenses. In the long-run, push bumpers on your fleet may cost you nothing at all in reparations from traffic crash damages. In effect, they pay for themselves. Sometimes there is no avoiding colliding with another vehicle or stationary object like a buttress, bridge pillar, or median divider. Evasive maneuvers were taught at the academy for a reason, and saving yourself from injury or fatality is more promising when a push bumper absorbs the hit—most of it, anyway.

Lately, the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) has been reflecting several police officers who perished in traffic related crashes. Many were running code to emergency calls or to back-up another officer, lost control, left the roadway, and ended up against unmovable objects or other vehicles. The forces behind any crash situation engenders the dynamics of physics, with velocity a huge multiplier. Despite the impact potential, having a push bumper as a barrier to “cage” the cruiser accounts for sustaining some of the blow. Hopefully, your seatbelt will do its job and keep you from going airborne.

Nevertheless, the police push bumper —especially the wrap-around models—have enormous potential to brace the cop car from folding like an accordion. In that regard, push bumpers can be life-saving pieces of equipment. The non-wrap-around models centered across the cruiser’s grill have advantages, too. A Worcester County sheriff’s Lieutenant survived a unique collision and lived to tell about it.

En route to a K9-related call and traveling at 85 MPH, the lieutenant encountered a pack of eight deer who, in typical deer fashion, darted in front of him. The sheriff’s lieutenant had no choice but to brace for impact as he placed only one deer in the crosshairs before striking it. Fortunately, the push bumper not only absorbed much of the impact but also entangled the animal, keeping it from rolling up and over (or through) his front windshield. What could have ended with a human fatality culminated in one dead dear, a grossly bloodstained windshield, and the innards of an animal splayed all over the front-end. Interestingly, the push bumper merely needed to be hosed and scrubbed and took lotsa guts to, well…detach animal carcass.

As you can see, push bumpers can be life-saving instruments, take no guts to install, be a marvelous public relations tool, and only require wisdom to incorporate them in your police flee
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