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5 techniques to eliminate body hair

Date Added: July 23, 2018 05:46:49 PM
Category: Health And Medical

The 5 main techniques to eliminate body hair
Below we will discuss some of the most popular and effective body hair removal techniques. Some are methods of permanent hair removal, while others simply suppress it temporarily. Let's see what each one consists of and what are its advantages and disadvantages.
1. Depilation with a blade
Depilation with a blade is one of the fastest and least painful that exist since it does not pull the hair from the root but shaves it. There are false beliefs that hair removal causes the hair to grow stronger or dry the skin, but nothing is further from reality.
It is clear that the frequency with which you have to shave when you use this method is much greater than with techniques such as waxing or laser hair removal and therefore can give the impression that this way of removing body hair dries the dermis.

Proper hydration after waxing is essential. However, every time there are more blades that add a band of gel next to the leaves to favor the wetting of the skin. Shavers or razors has some advantages over other methods it can be used to trim private parts without causing harm.  best trimmer for your balls

2. Hot wax and cold wax
Waxing, just before the popularization of laser hair removal, was one of the most used techniques since the frequency with which body hair had to be removed was much lower. In this way, waxing plucks the hair from the root and therefore provides long periods of time free of hairs.
One of the handicaps is the pain: too many people with sensitive skin, waxing hurts them and causes negative consequences. Because the hair is pulled up by the roots, the possibility of it becoming encyst when it grows is greater, creating then annoying and unsightly pimples that can become infected.

If there is a tendency towards encystment of body hair or extremely sensitive skin, the use of other techniques that can be equally effective, such as a blade or laser.

3. Laser hair removal with pulsed light (IPL)
This type of body hair removal procedure is having an exponential success: was popularized a few years ago and is now one of the most used because it removes hair almost permanently.
It consists of the use of the heat energy of light to eliminate hair. This luminous impulse goes directly to the follicle and in a certain way eliminates the root of the hair burning it. The pulsed light exerts on the skin a burning sensation that translates into a mild pain, usually acceptable.

A disadvantage is the high cost of the procedure, as well as the need to repeat the sessions every month for at least 6 months. In addition, reminder sessions should be held every half year to ensure the maintenance of the effects.
4. Hair removal with diode laser
Diode hair removal is what usually used in most centers that offer laser hair removal techniques . Penetrates the skin deeper and more directly than pulsed light, which avoids the redness and burning sensation characteristic of the previous method.
As it is more effective, laser diode hair removal requires fewer sessions than that performed with pulsed light; however, the range of people who can benefit from the first is lower. This depends on the type of skin.

More specifically, the skin suitable to receive this type of treatment must be within specific parameters, while with the pulsed light more variety of skins is admitted (except those that have very light hair). It is important to note that hair removal with diode laser is more painful than with pulsed light.
5. Natural remedies
In addition to the four techniques discussed above, and which are considered to be the most effective in terms of eliminating body hair, there are also natural methods that contribute to the reduction of hair growth, as well as to disguise it and partially eliminate it. temporary. The use of elements such as lemon, lentils or sugar is common.
The mixture of sugar with lemon juice is one of the most used to disguise fine hair, such as the face. You should make a mixture with two teaspoons of sugar, 2 of lemon juice and half a glass of water. The product will be applied in the area of the body where you want to remove the hair and let it act for about 15 minutes. After this you have to remove it by rubbing; this will eliminate the finer hair and clear the hair that could not be pulled off.
Another natural remedy that creates a kind of wax that helps in the removal of body hair is the one that uses lentils and potatoes as main ingredients. You will need a potato, a handful of lentils after soaking, a spoonful of honey and a little lemon juice. You must crush everything creating a paste that will spread on the face and allow it to harden for about 15 minutes; then rub it to remove the hair.
These natural methods have not been systematically studied by the scientific community, so we recommend caution and further investigation if they are to be applied.

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