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Five Reasons Why Some People Use A VPS To Trade Forex

Date Added: August 01, 2017 02:10:57 PM
Author: Andri
Category: Business & Economy

Are you a forex trader? Have you been wondering if you should start using a virtual private server (VPS) for forex trading? A discussion about the VPS generally comes up in connection with web hosting and not forex trading. However, a forex VPS can come in handy, especially if are planning to use automated services.

VPS - What Is It

Also referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), a VPS is a virtual server and not a physical dedicated server. It resembles a normal server and is used for hosting websites. A number of virtual servers are hosted on a single physical server. To the user, it appears as though he/she is using a dedicated server, but in reality, it resides on a computer that serves multiple websites. Each VPS operates on its own operating system copy, and users will have admin access so that they can install and run any software.

Users are guaranteed a specified amount of storage space and RAM. A specified amount of space is also allocated per month as transfer allowance. The VPS will have its own dedicated power supply and, therefore, offers stability, flexibility, and convenience.

So, you must be wondering now as to what does all these have to do with forex trading. Read on to know as to how a VPS can be of help to you in forex trading.

#1: Trade from Anywhere

If you have only a desktop PC, you will most likely be restricted to your home or office during the trading hours. Of course, you can use a laptop or a mobile device to overcome this problem, but you may not want to invest in either for various reasons. Sometimes, your broker may not be offering an online forex trading platform and you may be required to a download software. In such a situation, a VPS will be of great help. You can log into to your VPS account and access the downloaded trading platform software from anywhere (an Internet cafe or the hotel) as long as a network connection is available.

#2: Trade Even If There Is No Power

Do you use automation for forex trading? If yes, a VPS will enable you to continue your trading even if there is no power at your place. This is because a VPS comes with a dedicated power supply. You may not be able to see what is going on because of a power failure at your end, but the bot will continue to trade as per the parameters you have set. If the automated system is performing well, you will continue to make money even if you are not online.

#3: Trade Whenever You Like

As a VPS helps to relieve you from the trouble of staying put in front of your PC at home or office, you have the freedom to trade from anywhere. Further, the automated system employed by you would continue to execute trades even when your computer is not on.

#4: Strong Security

Forex VPS offered by some of the best service providers come with the best security features. This is managed VPS servers are monitored regularly to ensure their uninterrupted operation. Most service providers guarantee 99.9 percent uptime for their servers. In addition, you are provided with antivirus software and other tools for protecting your system from vulnerabilities.

#5: Reduce Slippage

This is another benefit that a VPS offers to you even if you don't use bots and place all your orders manually. A VPS transmits your orders faster than your desktop PC, laptop or mobile device. As a result, you experience less slippage. This is to say that a VPS enables you to reduce not only unpredictability but also losses.

In conclusion, it is because of these benefits that some people use a VPS to trade forex. However, you need to exercise a great deal of caution when choosing a VPS provider. Otherwise, it could turn out to be an expensive affair. You should choose to work only with a forex VPS provider that offers adequate RAM and allowance.

You must also go through reviews in order to identify the right service provider. Additionally, you must also be very clear about the system resources actually required for trading forex prior to purchasing a plan. It does not make any sense to spend more than what you have to as this is a monthly expense that you need to factor into your forex trades.
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